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presented the exhibition ‘Travelling Art Pilgrims’


„Work is Art and Art is Work, in any case it needs a lot of discipline to accomplish any kind of Work”
Everything we carry, use, and eat, where we live in and what we drive with is materialized work that was once immaterial, or merely existing as an idea or concept in the in-between space of thought, feeling and action.
But to find out more about WORK as the identity shaping discipline, it appears nowadays, one must come to INDIA, the cradle of all selfoptimizing disciplines, characterized by one word – YOGA (from Latin – Yugum / German – das Joch): a discipline described as anchoring of the body with the mind in a deliberate process of self-discipline on the pathway to inner freedom.
The question is: why does one experience work as constant inner drive to surpass him-/herself and others, or, why does one even have to be brilliant through the excellency of his or her work? Could it be that the hidden agenda of all this self-optimizing and surpassing and sometimes over-doing work is to be found in the secret desire of becoming god-like/like gods?
The launch of the transdisciplinary Culture Space Exploration was in 2009, when GapStarPro (Rudolf Ma-cher / Susen Okotie) started out to enlighten the intermediate space between material and immaterial work in the context of a globalized world.
In this photographic-videographic pursuit of GapStarPro about the nature of work as a self-implied and now systemic discipline, there is also the desire for appreciation of human work in itself, which is character-ized through one quality above all others: COOPERATION, or guidance by team spirit as a guarantee to achieve greater goals together.
The Exhibition of GapStarPro showcased at the Austrian Cultural Forum New Delhi is based on two levels:
A Photo Installation and presentation of The Big Picture Book: TIRUVANNAMALAI, and on the second lev-el, a video installation depicting the Walkabout with Book No. 7 from Connaught Place to the Embassy of Austria.





Interview/article  by Santosh Mehta, journalist and sister to the filmmaker Deepa Mehta.

Mail: santosh.mehta1@gmail.com

The article was published in TEHELKA magazine , Sept. 30 2016, Delhi